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The one and only Table Mountain - lovely to look at, lovely for hikes!

Whether you have just arrived in Cape Town or lived here all your life, Table Mountain is a landmark that never leaves you. Some choose to just keep it as that, others make a point out of exploring every way of experiencing the mountain and its beauty to the fullest. There are too many hiking options up Table Mountain to mention them all, and most of them are half-day hikes, varying in levels of difficulty. Platteklip Gorge is the most common way up, but also known as quite a tough hike because of the steep steps. You need to know that it is okay for your toddler to stay in a backpack for the duration of the hike (including breaks, of course), or that your child can handle the continuous climb for the reward of reaching the top. Most children under the age of 10 will find it challenging to stay motivated for the whole hike unless they are very used to this kind of exercise. Make the trip interesting by stopping frequently for little snacks or to look for flowers, birds or animals and let them choose the pace most of the time. Choose a route that suits the level of the least fit member of the group, and you will all arrive happily. Many people choose to climb up and take the cable car down, because coming down can be even more of a strain than hiking up. If you plan this route, make sure you have money for the ticket down and pay attention to the weather, because this determines whether the cable car runs or not!If you just want to experience being on the Table-top, take the Cable Car and enjoy a beautiful stroll or a longer hike on the plateau. Kids love exploring the paths there and looking for dassies, so don’t rush it! You can either bring your own refreshments or buy snacks or meals at the top. There are maps available and advisable to take one (and use it!) on your hike, regardless of which option you choose. See also our Useful tips for more mountain wise advise.For more details on routes and activities, visit the website or check out one of the following books: Table Mountain Activity Guide by Fiona McIntosh or Mike Lundy’s Best walks in the Cape Peninsula

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Table Mountain Hikes photo
Table Mountain Hikes photo Table Mountain Hikes photo Table Mountain Hikes photo Table Mountain Hikes photo
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