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MOM Diary is specially designed to suit a mothers needs. If you are a MOM and want to be organised, then this is a must for you.

MOM (Most Organised Mother) and WOW (Wonderfully Organised Woman) Diaries are diaries specially designed to suit the needs of women, who are most often the organisers in the home. Along with the feminine colours and look of the diary, it has many other added benefits that you don’t find in a regular diary. Recipe ideas, goal setting, daily gratitude, personal wish lists, gift ideas, kids sport schedules, borrowed and loaned items, budgeting, safety tips, place to fill in important kids info and even blank pages to write your shopping lists or notes.

Each page that has been included in the diary has been done so with the purpose of being helpful. There is even a directory of useful products and services already in the diary.

The author, Alison has four sons and has brought them up while also being a working mom. At one stage, they were all at different schools, pre-school, primary school, high school and college. Alison sets herself clear goals every year and has had great success with achieving many of these goals. Her vision was to take what she has learnt through her own experiences over the years and to convert that into something that she could share with other women.
This is a must have for every woman, whether you work at an office or whether your family is your full time job. It’s your one stop family organisational tool.

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M.O.M Diary photo
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