About Cape Town Kids


Profile of Nadja Ellerholz – owner of Cape Town Kids

I was born in Cape Town, raised in South Africa, Namibia and Germany, allowing me to feel home in both parts of the world. Being blessed with an African influenced childhood, my youth in Germany was then dominated by German culture. At the Law School of the Free University in Berlin I received my professional education.

Being formed by two different cultures was not always easy but challenging, giving me a deep insight of the mentality in both countries. When dating my future husband, also a German-South African, born and raised in Johannesburg, we both started a journey between worlds. On one hand appreciating the values of each country but on the other hand missing Africa. After our first incredibly energetic son was born, we finally moved to Cape Town enabling him an African childhood. Since our second son was born in Cape Town we watch with pride, joy and often surprise how they become little Cape Townians. All the outdoor opportunities this country offers as well as the open mentality towards children is amazing and worth promoting everywhere!

The journey

Raising a child in Germany, being a very technical and modern country, is so different in comparison to the upbringing of children in South Africa. Of course the weather plays an important role but so do the different cultures we are all sourrounded with. The spirit of South Africa is a gift, helping to raise children in a very open minded and tolerant way.

As our two boys are truly little power bundles, we are constantly searching for new ideas: What to do?, Where to play? and Where to eat? to make the kids happy while getting a little rest as parents, combining it with fun as a whole family. After relocating from Europe we found it challenging Where to find? the right schools, shops, doctors and therapists for our kids. For our travel needs we wanted to know Where to stay? with kids. We soon after found Cape Town Kids delivering all the necessary information we needed.

Taking over Cape Town Kids

When Eli, the former owner and founder of Cape Town Kids, was looking for someone who could continue the spirit of Cape Town Kids we immediately showed interest to take over and continue to develop the website further. Our paths as mothers had already crossed on many previous occasions.

At this point I would like to quote what was Eli´s inspiration of starting Cape Town Kids because it was the same motivation for me to take over:

„When we went from being a couple to having a family, life seriously changed. Somehow we didn´t though, especially around the things we wanted to do in life. We still wanted to have spontaneous trips to nice restaurants or go for hikes in the mountains; we still wanted to visit wine estates, bookshops and galleries; we still wanted to see new places.

We just realised one crucial thing - the places we go to have to work for both: us and the kids! So we started exploring in a new way - observing closely our own responses to staff attitudes, safety issues and simple solutions. We discovered that the label „child friendly“ didn´t always equal „parent-friendly“ - which was ultimately what we were looking for! So informal discoveries and personal recommendations became formal listings and in 2007 http://www.capetownkids.co.za was launched, in 2009 Cape Town Kids got a new look, since then visitor traffic is growing, facebook fans and twitter followers are increasing and Cape Town Kids even published their own first map! A brand was born!“

Being formal German attorney with experience in lobby work and eBusiness from the business side and experienced in event management, it presented a new challenge to take over Cape Town Kids which I was soon passionate about.

Making the lives of parents easier, fullfilling kids and parents and promoting new places, products and companies is great fun, making Cape Town more child, family and parent friendly, which I hope will set a new standard for future generations to come.

Please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions with us, spread the word and have fun while reading Cape Town Kids!

Have a fabulous day!